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  • The guest post MUST be in 3:4 format (1080 x 1350)
  • The guest post cover MUST be made using this template.
  • The guest post MUST use the following fonts:
  1. BISON for headings
  2. KONNECT for normal text
  • The guest post MUST use following colors:
  1. Normal Text Color: #ffffff
  2. Header Color: #ff0000
  3. Background Color: #010928


  • The guest post should be related to Graphic Design or Design Principles.
  • The guest post should be a Video (Design Tutorial) or Carousel.
  • The guest post should teach something about design.
  • In case of Carousel, use the following template.

If you don’t use Photoshop you can replicate the template in whatever design software you use.

After creating the post using requirements mentioned above, kindly submit your post using the form below:


Kindly upload your Guest Post to Google Drive and share the link below (Make sure it is PUBLIC)

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